Growlight Products

DUAL / Interlight

Code Key P O J M

Dual. A game changer for agriculture & horticulture. Special designed body goes between the plants to maximize its light energy delivery. INTERLIGHT segment aims closer and high efficient solutions. Hanging options make easy access and flexibility. Suits for all greenhouse facilities. Controllable, east to mount, automation ready, flexible spectrum on request GROWLIGHT solution. Expanding options wtih special body design.

Electromechanic Specifications

  • Double sided maximum light energy distribution
  • Stainless steel mounting brackets
  • Stainless steel hanger springs
  • Can be placed continuously via optional special hanger part
  • Hidden cable grommet design
  • High efficient transparent PMMA diffuser
Power Options

Code Power Light Energy Efficiency Dimension (L)
LLHD.120 32-55W 154µmol/s 2.6-3.1µmol/J 1200mm
LLHD.240 64-110W 308µmol/s 2.6-3.1µmol/J 2400mm
LLHD.400 100-180W 512µmol/s 2.6-3.1µmol/J 4000mm
LLHD.450 120-200W 564µmol/s 2.6-3.1µmol/J 4500mm
LLHD.500 140-220W 616µmol/s 2.6-3.1µmol/J 5000mm

Possible Solutions

  • TOP Growlight

  • Inter Growlight

  • TOP & Inter Growlight

  • Rack Growlight